PTFE Teflon Washer (Single)


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Finish Line Factory’s PTFE Teflon Washers provide a bearing surface for fastener load distribution or can act as a spacer. The durable PTFE provides a low-friction surface that’s resistance to corrosion and almost any chemical.

These products are a popular alternative to steel washers for bulkhead adapters!

TFL-WASHER-03 15.9mm OD 9.8mm ID
TFL-WASHER-04 17mm OD 11.3mm ID
TFL-WASHER-06 20mm OD 14.5mm ID
TFL-WASHER-08 25.3mm OD 19.3mm ID
TFL-WASHER-10 28.28mm OD 22.5mm ID
TFL-WASHER-12 33.5mm OD 27.2mm ID
TFL-WASHER-16 40mm OD 33.5mm ID
TFL-WASHER-20 47.5mm OD 41.5mm ID

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