Extreme Heat Protection Sleeve (10 Foot Roll)


See sizing chart in full description below.

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If you’re running hoses or wiring near any sources of high heat, it’s important to keep them insulated and cool. Finish Line Factory’s heat-resistant and flame-resistant Extreme Heat Protection Hose is a sleeve designed to enclose these parts, efficiently insulating them from heat sources up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit.. Perfect for turbocharged cars that need to protect components near the turbo, such as the turbo oil drain or wastegate pressure hoses.

Heat Sleeve to Hose Compatibility Chart

Sleeve SizeNylon Braided Rubber HosePTFE Lined Nylon Braided HoseStainless Steel Braided Rubber HosePush Lock Rubber Hose
12mm-4 AN, -6 AN -4 AN, -6 AN-4 AN, -6 AN-4 AN, -6 AN
15mm-6 AN, -8 AN-8 AN-6 AN, -8 AN-6 AN, -8 AN
20mm-10 AN-10 AN, -12 AN-10 AN-10 AN
25mm-10 AN, -12 AN-10 AN, -12 AN-10 AN, -12 AN
30mm-16 AN-16 AN
40mm-20 AN-20 AN

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Our products are designed for off-road use for racing purposes only and are not designed for use on any public roadway, highway, street, etc.

Additional information

Weight N/A
Inner Diameter

12mm – 0.5 inch ID, 15mm – 0.6 inch ID, 20mm – 0.75 inch ID, 25mm – 1 inch ID, 30mm – 1.2 inch ID, 40mm – 1.5 inch ID