Cross-Mount Dual Hose Separator


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These dual hose separators feature two mounting tabs that allow you to support two hoses side-by-side. This innovative design allows for mounting in tight spaces using self-tapping bolts or rivnut inserts. These parts also feature anti-spin technology to help prevent the two halves of the mount from moving relative to one another during installation, making routing your hoses a breeze! These products are crafted using durable high-temperature polymers and brass thread inserts for a long service life and include M6 flange bolts so you can install them with a simple 10mm socket (assuming you can find it!)

To install, just secure the half with the mounting tabs to the desired area, then run your hoses and secure the cap with the provided bolt.

Additional information

Clamp ID (MDHS)

14mm (for NYL-6AN), 17mm (for NYL-8AN), 20mm (for NYL-10AN), 11mm (for PTNH-6AN), 13mm (for PTNH-8AN), 16mm (for PTNH-10AN)