Braided Rubber Fuel System Starter Kit Bundle


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Use FLF for your next fuel system plumbing project with this awesome starter kit! This gets you a common setup of basic fittings necessary to get started with your fuel system. Other parts, such as ORB adapters or fuel filters, may be necessary in order to complete your fuel system. Features nylon braided rubber hoses which are compatible with most pump fuels and racing fuels. Compatible with E85 and methanol, however for maximum compatibility it is recommended to always use a PTFE hose for all alcohol-based fuels.

This kit includes:

  • 1x 20ft roll of Nylon Braided Rubber hose
  • 4x Straight braided rubber hose ends
  • 2x 45 degree braided rubber hose ends
  • 4x 90 degree braided rubber hose ends

This kit is designed for plumbing a fuel system in one direction, either feed or return. If you are running a return fuel system you will need to buy two starter kits and the appropriate adapters if necessary. It is common to run the return system one size smaller than the feed system, so for example if you are running a -8 AN feed for your fuel system, then you should run -6 AN for your return plumbing. You may need to adapt this to your particular setup.

These kits are sold as bundles and individual pieces cannot be returned. Only the complete kit can be returned at once, any missing, modified, or incomplete kits are ineligible for return.

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04 AN, 06 AN, 08 AN, 10 AN