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Rambling Man: A Two-Door Love Letter

The Honda S2000 production line shut down 10 years ago. In 2009, the last S2000 rolled off the production line, ending a legacy that spanned 10 years. Most cars that ended production 10 years ago are completely forgotten, save for a select few. So why, after 10 years, is the S2000 still massively supported and revered by car enthusiasts around the world? What makes Honda’s version of the Miata such a legend?

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Hello, My name is Stewart. I’m a new addition to the Finish Line Factory family, but I’ve been one of David’s friends for a few years now. We met at Sebring in 2016 at the Mazda boost, and we’ve been buddies ever since. I’ve helped Dave quite a bit over the years, helping behind the scenes on the #FLF240 (RIP) and contributing a little elbow grease to the new projects.

I started out as a Friend and supporter of the business, and I’m really excited to now become a contributing member of the FLF team. I’m an avid Motorsports fan, and an all-around car nut. I’m going to be contributing some articles, a podcast, and I hope to have a weekly column going on here. You’re gonna see me in more FLF vlogs, particularly at motorsports events! If you see us, come over and say hi! I’m the big dude with the ginger beard.

In my spare time, I enjoy reading motorsports and automobile literature, making music, wrenching, and hanging out with my friends. I’ve been dubbed the “Walking Encyclopedia” by Dave, and that will be apparent in the videos being posted to YouTube.

I hope that you will enjoy my contributions to FLF! See you soon!