Nugget Sauce Cup Holder Insert


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Picture this: It’s 2AM and after a night of racing in Mexico, you decide to visit your favorite late-night fast-food restaurant for some munchies and pick up a 10-pack of delicious chicken nuggets. After obtaining your scrumptious perfectly-portioned meal, you encounter a serious issue: You have nowhere to put the sauce. None of the surfaces in your car are designed to adequately hold your nugget sauce in place, risking the possibility of spilling the sticky sauce onto your interior. On top of that you have to hold the sauce cup in one hand and the nugget in the other, which is extremely inconvenient when you’re trying to watch short-form videos on your phone in the parking lot of a Wendy’s.

This intuitively designed product has a slot to securely secure your nugget sauce in place and is designed to fit perfectly in a standard vehicle cup holder. Perfectly solves the issue of nugget sauce spillage and conveniently offers a reliable method of nugget dipping without lifting the cup. Finally, the FLF logo adorns the top of the sauce holder, reminding you of where you get your high-quality hoses and fittings.