E85 Sensor Bracket (Flush Mount)


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This E85 sensor mounting bracket allows you to conveniently and securely mount your E85 sensor flush against a firewall or other flat component. This product features a durable and high-temperature resistant polymer with brass thread inserts for a long service life. The bracket has counter-sunk holes to ensure a clean and flush mount and includes two counter-sunk hex bolts. One of the counter-sunk holes features an industry-first oval countersunk hole to make installation easier in the event that the mounting hole is slightly off-drilled.

Unlike other products that secure the sensor using a flimsy mounting solution, our E85 Sensor Bracket uses a cross-bar for maximum security, contact, and two M6 bolts for redundancy. This product is intended to not only support the sensor, but also the fuel lines connected to it, so strength and security were seriously considered during the development of this product.